Call for (incredible) Speakers!🎉

We're super excited to give you this AMAZING opportunity to become the speaker of the FIRST APE Conference.

Pretty cool, huh? It's almost like joining  Bill Gates in his garage to work on Microsoft. 

We're looking for:


That said:

➡️ We welcome speakers of any gender identity and expression or work/educational experience level. 

➡️ The sweet spot for us is to bring experienced practitioners, as well as anyone with fresh, innovative ideas.  So don't worry if you don't have 20+ years of experience.

➡️ You're welcome to submit a proposal(s) for a talk, workshop or both. Below you can find some ideas, but don't limit yourself to them:

 Talk proposal (30 minutes) for one of the tracks:

  • Agile: Agile frameworks and beyond; Lean; Scrum; Kanban; SAFe; Flight Levels; Agile Coaching; Gamification; Liberating Structures; Facilitation, QA; Systems Thinking etc.
  • Product: Product Design; Product Management; Lean UX; Customer Development; Customer Experience; UX Experience; Accessibility & Usability; Lean Startup; Growth Hacking; Product & Use Research, etc.
  • Experience: Psychological Safety at Work; Well-being; Work-Life Balance; Toxic work environments; Inclusion, Diversity; Team Building; Collaboration & Communication; Mental Health;

Workshop proposal: (1-3 hours) 

  • Get inspired by the above topics or bring your own. Think about what skills an Agile Coach, Product Manager, Developer or Design should have?
  • Don't limit yourself to the standard workshop format. Think beyond, how about Agile Games, Liberating Structures?

Your idea: 

  • Are you an Agile Rapper? Flipchart Magician? Or maybe a Laugh Joga instructor? Don't be shy, suggest what value you could add!

What you will get:

Once you are accepted, you can count on:

🎟️ Free admission to the conference

🗺️ A travel compensation (if your travel is not paid by your employer):

  • Poland-based speakers outside of Krakow - 250 PLN
  • European based speakers - 250 Euro 
  • Non-European based speakers -  800 Euro

🏨Accommodation for up to three nights if it is not paid by your employer

🥗 At least one speaker's dinner and afterparty

🎤 New to public speaking? We will help you prepare, rehearse, and mak sure your first speaking experience is L.E.G.E.N.D.A.R.Y

💸 If your company doesn't support you by giving you a holiday to join the conference, we'd like to compensate you for that. All speakers are compensated equally for their time (200 euro).

💚We are happy to accommodate the needs of speakers with disabilities and non-neurotypical cognitive styles. You do not need to specify your requirements when you register. We will accept you as a speaker based on your proposed content, we can discuss how to make the experience comfortable and successful for you.

Next steps?

1. Send your proposal by 31st December 2023

2. We will contact you with our decision by 15th of February

3. Get ready for the best conference in your life #pinkypromise